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Electric cars not attractive for most people in the UK  BBC News

Only one in four people would consider buying a fully electric car in the next five years. That is the finding of one of the most comprehensive studies into UK ...

New electric car charging stations ‘capable of charging times as low as 8 minutes'  Express

A number of rapid electric car charging stations are coming to the UK and the first few of them have been opened today. Today four 350kW High Power chargers ...

UK electric car grant: Which electric cars can you buy in 2019 using the government’s £3,500 grant?  Evening Standard

With ULEZ now in action and the government pushing for electric vehicles, many motorists are left wondering where they should look for their next car.

Skoda CITIGOe iV REVEALED - New electric car price, range, specs

SKODA has launched the all-new CITIGOe iV electric car at an event in Slovakia today. Here's everything you need to know about the pure electric battery ...

Vandals shut down UK electric car sharing program within months  Electrek

A promising electric car sharing program in a UK town only lasted a few months, as the EVs quickly became a target for vandals who caused "exceptional levels ...

Vauxhall Corsa-e electric car launch - New car, specs, range and features  Express

Vauxhall has unveiled the all-new Corsa-e, its first pure electric car. The rars has been one of Vauxhall's best-selling cars, selling over 2.1 million units sold in ...

Honda e electric car goes on sale in the UK with five bold colour options  Express

Honda e electric car has gone on sale in the UK and can now be reserved by customers. To secure your interest in the car then you need to place an £800 ...

Electric car charging in the UK: prices, plus charger types and where to find them  The Week UK

EVs are one of the fastest growing areas of the car market but are there enough chargers to meet demand?

Honda e electric car has 25,000 registrations of interest as order books open  Express

HONDA e is now available to order in the Uk and across Europe and the car manufacturer has 'already received over 25000 expressions of interest across ...

'I drive in the bus lane'  BBC News

"I drive in the bus lane because I have an electric car. It saves me 30 minutes on every journey to work." Dagfinn Hiehe was smiling ear-to-ear as he told me his ...

Tesla Model 3 review: a pioneering electric car let down by build quality  The Telegraph

The Telegraph has finally tested the Tesla Model 3, one of the most eagerly anticipated electric cars in automotive history.

UK's first super-fast electric car chargers unveiled at Maidstone M20 services  Kent Online

Machines powerful enough to charge an electric car in under 20 minutes have come here first.

UK's most powerful electric car charging station opens

Ionity's 350kW fast charger is so advanced, no EVs can fully utilise its power yet.

Inside Oxford's drive to become Britain's leader in electric cars

In the Begbroke Science Park a few kilometers south of Oxford's small airport, Niclas Brännberg gingerly steers an immaculate white electric car through a gate ...

Solihull electric car scheme axed after vehicles targeted by vandals  Birmingham Live

"Exceptional levels of damage" mean end of the road for project.

Extinction Rebellion protests boost interest in electric cars  Motoring Research

Interest in electric cars has risen by more than half in Britain since the start of the environmental campaigns in London.

Nissan Leaf electric car price increased in UK  Autocar

Nissan has raised the price of its Leaf electric hatchback in the UK by nearly 7%. The Volkswagen e-Golf rival is now available from £27,995 - an increase of ...

Electric car myths busted - Things you’ve been getting wrong about EVs  Express

THERE are a number of electric car myths which may be preventing drivers from making the switch from petrol and diesel to a zero emissions car.

Climate change: Electric car target 'needs to be sooner'  BBC News

The UK government's plan to ban the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040 is too tame, advisers will say. Drivers will benefit if electric cars ...

New electric car chargers coming to Europe which recharge 220-miles of range in 10 minutes  Express

AN ELECTRIC car charging network provider is set to introduce new super fast chargers which claim to recharge 220-miles of range in just 10 minutes.

Longest range electric cars 2019: EVs that hardly need charging  CAR Magazine

Here are the longest range EVs you can buy in 2019.

UK moves closer to major battery plant for electric cars  Autocar

The challenge to equip a new-generation of British-built electric cars with high-tech batteries also made in the UK has received a £4.8 billion boost from the ...

The UK Needs To Double Its Charging Points To Support EV Adoption |

The UK will need additional 28000 public charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030—double the current number, to support an estimated fleet of seven ...

James Dyson: Government has ‘watered down’ its commitment to electric cars  iNews

Sir James Dyson, one of the UK's most prolific inventors, has accused the government of watering down its commitment to electric cars and defended his ...

Some common concerns about electric cars explained.  BBC News

Electric cars are increasingly taking to our roads but many people still have reservations. Common worries include the price of the vehicles, where you can ...

Dyson electric car: new patents show mould-breaking design  Autocar

Dyson's electric car, due to arrive in 2021, is likely to be a long, sleek crossover-style premium saloon that will have roughly the same footprint as a Range Rover ...

Hydrogen fuel cell vs. battery electric cars: which are better?  The Week UK

EV makers have taken the world by storm, but some leading manufacturers say hydrogen is the future.

UK car buyers to get first experience of Polestar 2 electric car  AM

UK consumers will be given their first glimpse of Polestar 2 in July. The EV-only brand is on a promotional tour for its volume-orientated new model, visiting 15 ...

Citizens Advice is concerned the electricity grid won't cope with EVs  This is Money

Citizens Advice has called for a new 'smart' charging scheme that would reduce the impact on nation's electricity supply by rewarding plug-in car owners with ...

Plug-in hybrid car sales fall after UK government cuts grants  Financial Times

Sales of hybrid cars that plug in to recharge fell by a third in the UK in April, after the government cut incentives for the vehicles, a move the industry denounced ...

Stamp of approval for dealerships trained to work with electric cars  GOV.UK

New government-backed scheme aims to create a trusted brand and increase the confidence of drivers looking to buy an electric vehicle.

We reveal the top 10 worst cars — from a ’30mph electric coffin’ to Soviet relic and ghastly chunk of retro au  The Sun

Have you had the misfortune of owning one of these automotive horrors?

Electric cars in Europe would only cut global CO2 emissions by 0.4%  This is Money

With cars causing 7% of global CO2 output and Europe responsible for just 10% of worldwide CO2 emissions, a total shift to electric cars on the continent will do ...

Electric cars with the best and worst real ranges – and what they will cost you per mile  The Sun

ELECTRIC motors are becoming more popular on UK roads, as drivers try to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions. But it's difficult to know if these cars will run ...

Why is Norway the land of electric cars?  BBC News

We look at how the Scandinavian country is streets ahead of others when it comes to electric cars.

How green is an electric car, really?  Top Gear

The Big Electric Question #1. Paul Horrell. 26 Apr 2019. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy link. Show/hide. 0. PrevNext. Full screen ...

Electric vehicle system investment could fuel more than 3000 new jobs research suggests  University of Strathclyde

The large scale investment needed to expand the electricity network infrastructure to support even a 20 per cent uptake of electric vehicles could create more ...

Johnson Matthey eyes electric car market as profits set to rise  Belfast Telegraph

Chemicals firm Johnson Matthey is expected to post higher profits next week, while the City looks for updates on new opportunities for the firm in the electric car ...

The electric cars that paved the way  Autocar

EVs and battery-operated cars have been around a lot longer than you might think...

New Hyundai Ioniq Electric - Updated electric car gets a boost with more range and power  Express

HYUNDAI has released details and pictures of the updated Ioniq Electric car which has more range, updated styling, and a few other new features.

BP Chargemaster’s 150kW network to allow 30min electric car charging at 50 sites this year  AutoExpress

UK's largest EV charger supplier confirms it will install network of superfast 150kW chargers at BP forecourts; 100 fitted by end of year.

A buyers’ guide to hybrids and electric vehicles

As diesel sales decline, registrations of alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) have soared. In 2018 141,234 were sold – a 20 per cent rise on 2017 – and a ...

Tesla Model 3 electric car goes on sale in UK from £38,900  Sunday Times Driving

OFFICIAL prices for the long-awaited UK-specification Tesla Model 3 saloon have been announced as the electric car maker's most affordable model to date ...

Consumers apply the brakes to UK new car sales  The Guardian

New car sales fell more than 4% in the UK last month, the second-lowest April since 2012, with analysts blaming consumer reluctance to make significant ...

Pure electric vehicles buck the trend as used prices stall  Car Dealer Magazine

THE AVERAGE rate of price growth of a used car might have slowed to an almost two-year low of 1.5 per cent but prices of pure electric vehicles (EVs) are ...

How prepared is Gloucestershire for the electric vehicle revolution?  Gloucestershire Live

Most drivers still see too many barriers in taking up electric vehicles despite a government focus for the UK to 'lead the world in zero emission vehicle technology ...

Tesla Model 3 to go on sale in UK next week  The Guardian

Tesla's latest and more affordable electric car, the Model 3, will finally be available to order in the UK from early May, according to the firm's chief executive, Elon ...

100 UK electric vehicle charging sites planned  Midlothian View

Monday April 29th 2019. GRIDSERVE-Electric-Forecourt. Artist's impression of the electric vehicle charging sites. Written by Luke Jackson. GRIDSERVE to make ...

One in five drivers thinks electric cars can’t be taken into a car wash  Sunday Times Driving

Electric cars may have been around for over a hundred years but a new survey by LV= General Insurance suggests they are alien to most motorists.

28,000 new public chargers needed by 2030, says study  DrivingElectric

Tens of thousands of new charging points needed, says Deloitte, estimating up to seven million electric cars in UK in 10 years.

Fly Less, Cut Meat, No Diesel: The U.K.'s Roadmap to Zero Carbon  Bloomberg

British people need to fly less, drive electric cars, eat little meat and turn their home thermostats down to 19 degrees Celsius (66 Fahrenheit) in order to rein in ...

Tuesday briefing: Government advisors urge 2030 petrol and diesel car ban

British government advisors will recommend that the planned 2040 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles is too conservative to meet emissions ...

Audi to replace TT model with new electric sports car  AOL UK

Audi has confirmed that it will replace its TT sports car with a new electric model.Speaking at the firm’s annual general meeting, Audi chairman Bram ...

EV charging stations: best and worst UK cities for charging your car  DrivingElectric

Research by Tonik Energy reveals the best and worst places to find EV charging stations in the UK.

Vehicle-to-grid study suggests £400 annual revenue per electric vehicle  The Energyst

UK study into the income potential of using electric vehicles to balance the grid suggests around £400 per annum may be the upper limit for cars plugged in 75 ...

Carmakers are recognising the climate imperative  Financial Times

I normally enjoy Neil Collins' acerbic Inside London column in FT Weekend, but his tirade (May 11) against electric cars and climate mitigation was inaccurate ...

New boost for UK ambition to lead the world in zero emissions vehicles  GOV.UK

New investment to develop 'cutting-edge' electric vehicle batteries.

Here's a Sad List of All the Cars About to Go Extinct From the UK's Roads  Jalopnik

Every time I hear about something like the Audi TT being cancelled and replaced by an electric car, I try to take comfort that all of the good combustion cars ...

Best selling cars around the world  What Car?

We know what the best-sellers in the UK are, but what about elsewhere? Can we buy them here? Should we?

Volvo’s Polestar-engineered hybrid S60 is UK-bound  Top Gear

And the 400bhp sports-eco saloon will cost you £56k. Still want that Tesla Model 3? Ollie Kew. 2 May 2019. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto ...

'Eco Innovators': government calls on next generation to design the future of transport  GOV.UK

Competition launched for 7 to 19 year olds to design electric vehicle chargepoints of the future.

Electric Vehicles This Week: Ashok Leyland Invites Tesla For EV Partnership  Inc42 Media

Carmaker Ashok Leyland has said that it is open for partnership with Elon Musk-owned Tesla to help the latter deploy its vehicles in India.

How the UK is falling behind in the global electric car race  Financial Times

In the global electric car race, Britain is struggling to keep up with its rivals. *Fresh* investment is dwindling as manufacturers prioritise their home markets to ...

UK to miss electric car sales target, Auto Trader warns  Financial Times

Only three-quarters of new cars sold in 2040 in the UK will be electrically powered, falling short of government targets, unless ministers increase incentives for ...

Future electric cars: upcoming EVs in 2019 and beyond  CAR Magazine

CAR looks ahead to the most exciting electric cars coming soon.

Electric cars news - Here’s when they are expected to cost the same as petrol and diesel  Express

NEW research has suggested when electric cars could cost the same as petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK and it is sooner than you may expect.

New electric car research reveals surprising change in attitude  Express

NEW electric car research has revealed some surprising things about the opinions held by motorists about zero emissions vehicles.

Electric cars: An honest account of travelling in a battery powered car long distance  Express

EXPRESS.CO.UK took delivery of a Nissan Leaf to test how electric cars perform on long distance road trips. Here is what we learned.

Electric cars to be cheaper to buy than petrol and diesel much sooner than expected  Express

ELECTRIC cars are set to cost less than petrol and diesel cars a lot sooner than expected, reveals new research.

New electric cars 2019/2020: What's coming and when?  Autocar

Keeping track of every new car and knowing when they're due to go on sale can be tough, especially if you're only interested in EVs. There are so many due to ...

Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run, says study  The Guardian

Petrol and diesel vehicles cost more over four years in UK and four other European nations.

Top 10 Best Luxury Electric Cars 2019  Autocar

The premium EV market is set to be transformed from almost empty to chock-full by 2021. Here are the main protagonists today – and a preview of what they ...

The best electric cars you can buy in 2019  RAC

When it comes to cars, the future is definitely electric — but on forecourts across the country, that electrified future is already here. According to the Society of ...

Brits buy an electric car every nine minutes

A new electric car was registered every nine minutes in the UK last year, as demand for zero emission vehicles continued to soar. New figures from the industry ...

Lack of electric car charging points 'putting off drivers'  BBC News

A "patchy" network of charging points is discouraging UK drivers from embracing electric cars, analysis suggests. More than a third of local authorities have ten ...

Electric car SHOCK - The one thing preventing majority of drivers from buying one  Express

DESPITE electric cars becoming increasingly more popular in the UK a large proportion of motorists are still put off buying them due to poor charging ...

Electric cars insurance WARNING - The one thing you need to know before buying one  Express

ALTERNATIVELY fuelled vehicles including electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid cars are becoming more popular in the UK but there is something you need to ...

Tesco plots UK electric vehicle charger surge

Retail giant to install 2400 EV charging bays at its UK stores, as pub chain Marston's separately announces plans for 400 chargers across its sites.

The electric car revolution is heading your way  Evening Standard

We all know that our environment is under threat and we need to do something about it.

Electric cars - Experts predict that THIS is when you should buy one  Express

EXPERTS have predicted that electric cars will become cheaper over the next couple of years and revealed the optimum time of uptake.

Charging electric vehicles  Energy Saving Trust

EV chargepoints explained Although the upfront cost of an electric vehicle (EV) is often higher, EVs can be cheaper to run, due to the lower cost of electricity ...

How the UK's energy grid will cope with the electric car revolution

Preparing for an onslaught of electric cars won't just test the UK's energy infrastructure, it'll also challenge the bad habits of the nation's drivers.

Man Concludes 'World's Longest' Trip in Electric Car  Gizmodo UK

In an epic road trip spanning more than three years, 33 countries, and roughly 59,000 miles, on Sunday Dutchman Weibe Wakker set what is believed to be the ...

Electric vehicle sales surge in UK as fuel prices rise  BBC News

Sales of electric vehicles reached a record high last month, accounting for one in every 12 new cars purchased in the UK. The Society of Motor Manufacturers ...

British drivers reveal what it would take for them to convert to an electric car – and saving money is the t  The Sun

Just seven per cent of UK drivers have already made the switch to an electric vehicle.

Best electric cars: the ones to own and the ones to order  British GQ

From 8 April, a new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in place in Central London and will operate for 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Covering the ...

Government funded electric car chargepoints to be smart by July 2019  GOV.UK

All government funded home chargepoints for electric vehicles must use innovative 'smart' technology from July 2019, the government announced today (14 ...

Me launches new electric car, van and pickup truck which all cost less that £12,000  Express

THE Me electric car, pickup and van have launched which are all incredibly affordable and will be perfect for city drivers.

Electric cars SHOCK as they are ‘impossible to own’ for millions of UK drivers, here's why  Express

NEW research has revealed how the possibility of owning an electric car is an impossibility for millions of motorists across the country - and that was before the ...

These used electric cars are increasing in value  Motor1 UK

As electric cars begin to become more and more prominent in the automotive world, the demand for small electric cars on the used market is increasing.

Ford accelerates electric vehicle investment  BBC News

The US carmaker said growth in the market meant it became "obvious" the company needed to add capacity.

UK pioneer of electric car charging points faces barrage of criticism  Financial Times

Seven years after opening its first motorway charging station, the company that is leading Britain's effort to electrify long-distance car travel faces a chorus of ...

Electric cars to cost half as much as petrol and diesel cars by 2030  Express

ELECTRIC cars could cost half the amount of petrol equivalents by 2030, claims a new report.

Electric car charging: You’ll soon be able to recharge your EV in 10 minutes on UK roads  Express

A NEW network of rapid electric car chargers is launching in the UK which will allow motorists to recharge their vehicle in as little as 10 minutes.

Swedish electric car maker to open UK production plant  The Engineer

Swedish electric car firm Uniti, has announced plans to establish a pilot production plant at Silverstone Park in the UK.

Electric vehicle charging: Honda's exit driven by UK's lack of EV ambition  Government Europa

Dave Simpson, co-founder of premium electric vehicle (EV) charge point firm Andersen, urges the UK government to get serious about electric mobility.

UK government policy on electric vehicles criticised  Government Europa

The UK's BEIS committee has chastised the government for its response to a 2018 report critical of UK government policy on electric vehicles.

New European emissions limits for cars risk triggering influx of ‘fake electric’ vehicles, green group warns  The Independent

Car manufacturers could take advantage of new European emissions rules to push sales of “fake electric” vehicles, green transport campaigners have warned.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car? EV running costs explained  CAR Magazine

Here's how much it'll actually cost you to run an EV in 2019: electric car charging costs under the microscope.

Electric cars real world range REVEALED: How far can the latest EVS really go on a charge?  Express

ELECTRIC cars are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK but some drivers are still worried about range. New real-world range data reveals how far ...