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UK firm launches fuel cell charge point for electric cars – but will hydrogen power our electric dreams?  The Telegraph

British firm AFC Energy has launched the first ever hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle charger, a system it describes as a “breakthrough” in clean mobility.

UK pioneer of electric car charging points faces barrage of criticism  Financial Times

Ecotricity dominates motorway network but rivals say its equipment is outdated and investment is too low.

Small electric cars may be unaffordable for some - VW chairman to newspaper  Reuters UK

The move to electric vehicles will make cars significantly more expensive, meaning they may become unaffordable for people on low incomes in the future, the ...

Chris Grayling under fire as promise to boost electric cars backfires  The Guardian

Chris Grayling has been accused of failing to back up his positive words on electric cars with action after it emerged they account for less than 2% of his ...

China powers up electric car market  BBC News

New rules could help some manufacturers in the world's biggest market for electric cars.

London Uber fares go up after electric car charge  BBC News

Uber fares in London have gone up to help drivers buy electric cars, the company said. A clean air fee of 15p per mile will be added to every trip taken in the ...

New electric cars 2019/2020: What's coming and when?  Autocar

Keeping track of every new car and knowing when they're due to go on sale can be tough, especially if you're only interested in EVs. There are so many due to ...

UK’s AFC Energy launches CH2ARGE - world’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric car charger  AutoExpress

*Fresh* take on EV charging sees hydrogen fuel cell used to replenish EV batteries; tech allows for off-grid charging.

Major misconceptions prevent drivers from buying electric cars, study claims  The Independent

Despite electric cars becoming more popular in recent years, many people still believe misconceptions about them, according to a new study. Some believed the ...

MPs slam government approach to electric vehicles  Motor1 UK

MPs have criticised the government's policy surrounding electric vehicles, citing a “lack of ambition” and “vagueness”.

BNEF: Electric cars greener 'even when powered by coal'  www.businessgreen.com

Electric vehicles are already have a lower climate impact than traditional petrol or diesel cars around the world, even if they are largely powered by fossil fuel ...

If Elon Musk can't make Tesla profitable, there's little hope that electric cars will take over any time soon  The Independent

Tesla is a car company, not a technology company, and it should be valued as such. That is the big message from Elon Musk's sorrowful statement about job ...

Bridgend Ford: Electric cars idea to keep plant jobs  BBC News

Electric cars could hold the key to saving threatened jobs at Ford's plant in Bridgend, an AM has said. Ford wants to cut 370 workers in the first phase of up to ...

UK electric car sales are way behind the rest of Europe  Yahoo Sports

Europe is racing past the UK when it comes to electric car sales growth. Sales grew by about 20% in the UK last year versus the explosive growth of nearly 40% ...

Forget going electric: Cars can run on old plastic bags  Express

British company Waste2tricity has patented a method of heating plastic waste, from bags to bottles, in a kiln until it "gasifies" into hydrogen. This can then be ...

District switches on to electric cars  Horncastle News

Electric car technology is advancing rapidly, and the latest figures suggest that East Lindsey is getting on board the green revolution. From October 2017 to ...

'Sales fell in 2018, but with 2.4m buying or leasing a new car it was hardly disastrous'  AutoExpress

Although car sales were down in the UK in 2018, Mike Rutherford still thinks there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

New Nissan Leaf REVEALED with HUGE range boost, more power and a bigger battery  Express

NISSAN has unveiled the new long-range Leaf 3.ZERO and 3.Zero Limited Edition which has more range, a bigger battery, and a more powerful motor.

Could BMW use hydrogen to charge its electric cars?  BMWBLOG

In the UK, a company called AFC Energy is looking to develop hydrogen fuel cell-charging for fully electric cars and used a BMW i8 for testing.

The big electric car launches to expect in 2019  Yahoo Movies

Automakers are rushing out at least 20 new electric cars into the British and European markets in 2019 after years of work and billions of investment. A handful ...

New electric car costs around £7,000 and has around 200 miles of range  Express

GREAT Wall Motor's ORA R1 could be one of the world's cheapest electric cars which has around 200 miles of range on a single charge.

Tesla gears up to bring Model 3 to UK and Europe  This is Money

The first deliveries of Model 3s to European customers are expected in February and March, but UK customers are expected to get their vehicles by mid-2019.

Car tax changes 2019 - How you could soon be forced to pay significantly more each year  Express

CAR tax is rising in the UK again for the third significant year. Here's how much more you'll face paying.

Electric cars rise in Midlothian welcomed by local MSP  MidLothian Advertiser

Colin Beattie MSP has welcomed the news that Midlothian has seen a rise in the number of ultra-low emission vehicles since 2017. Figures released by the ...

Electric car charging point installed at Ponton services  Grantham Journal

A charging point for electric cars has been installed at a local *service* station on the A1. Charge point operator Alfa Power has recently installed the latest ...

Parents of Florida teen killed in Tesla crash sue electric car company  The Guardian

Edgar Monserratt Martinez, 18, was a passenger in the 2018 crash in Fort Lauderdale that also killed the 18-year-old driver. Associated Press. Wed 9 Jan 2019 ...

Hyundai Elevate: 'The world's first walking car' | Martin Love  The Guardian

It's still at prototype stage, but the Elevate shows that car designers are thinking on their feet, says Martin Love.

Nio launches electric car battery-swap network  AutoExpress

Installed on China's G2 Expressway, Nio's battery-swapping stations can exchange a flat battery for a fully-charged one in 3 minutes.

Can NIO go global? Inside the Chinese Tesla rival that hopes to revolutionise motoring  Telegraph.co.uk

Imagine a small stadium venue in a Shanghai suburb. Crowds pour through the doors. They could be flocking to cheer a mid-sized band, or be barracked by a ...

More drivers joining the electric vehicle revolution  expressandstar.com

The number of electric cars on the roads of the Black Country and Staffordshire has shot up over the course of a year, new figures have revealed.

Powered up: Big leap in electric cars on Shropshire's roads  shropshirestar.com

The number of electric cars on Shropshire's roads has seen a huge leap, with the county home to one of the biggest increases in the country.

Uber plans to develop self-driving electric scooters and bicycles  The Telegraph

Uber is hiring engineers to develop electric scooters and bicycles which can drive themselves around cities in order to reach customers and charging points.

Self-driving cars to be tested this year by Manchester Airport passengers and on the region's roads  Manchester Evening News

Driverless cars with 'in-built check-in' will ferry passengers across Manchester Airport and run 'in convoy' on the roads.

New cars and driving laws 2019: a guide to motoring in the new year  The Week UK

It has been a busy year in the motoring world, but the promise of exciting car launches and driving law changes suggests 2019 will be another hectic year for the ...

Ford Ka was UK's fastest-selling used car in 2018 – and Renault Zoe makes the top 10  Car Dealer Magazine

THE Ford Ka was the fastest-selling used car in the UK in 2018, taking an average of 32 days for dealers to sell, according to new data. Indicata UK – the ...

Volvo primed to replace V40 with SUV-coupe  Autocar

The Volvo V40 could be indirectly replaced by an SUV-coupé in the next three years, in reaction to falling sales and the need to accommodate electrification.

Tesla sideswiped by electric car buzz at Detroit auto show  Financial Times

A flurry of electric car news coming from the Detroit auto show shifted Tesla's stock into reverse on Monday. Shares in the electric-car maker sputtered as ...

How Orkney leads the way for sustainable energy  The Guardian

A tech revolution – and an abundance of wind and waves – mean that the people of Orkney now produce more electricity than they can use.

2019 Porsche 911 review: all-new version of the world's most famous sports car is a classic vintage  The Telegraph

Eyes down for the new Porsche 911, Zuffenhausen's most famous export, now in its eighth generation. Depending on your point of view, this jumped-up VW ...

VIDEO: New rickshaw taxi to hit the streets of Dundee  The Courier

They may be a sight associated more with Asia, but rickshaws are coming to Dundee – and not just any rickshaw, as local taxi firm City Cabs 505050 is adding ...

Reality Check: What should owners of old diesels do?  BBC News

As sales of new diesel cars fall, what steps can owners of older diesels take?

Berkshire's lithium venture may supply U.S. automakers, including Tesla - FT  Reuters UK

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc has signed an agreement to allow extraction of lithium from its geothermal wells in California, a project that could offer ...

Boris Johnson mocks Jaguar Land Rover CEO's Brexit fears – 'I know more about cars'  Express

FORMER London Mayor Boris Johnson has defended his claim that he knows more about car manufacturing than the Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth who ...

Hyundai Ioniq hybrid and Ioniq plug-in facelifted for 2019  AutoExpress

The Hyundai Ioniq has been revised with a range of driver convenience features and technology borrowed from the Kona EV.

Detroit show has SUVs, horsepower, but electric cars are few  Business Insider

DETROIT (AP) — Automakers have promised to start selling hordes of electric cars in the next few years, but only two will be unveiled at the big Detroit...

Ion age: why the future will be battery powered  The Guardian

The variable nature of wind and solar power means storing energy is a huge part of the fight to mitigate climate change.

Toyota, Paccar team up on clean hydrogen tech that Elon Musk and others dismiss as 'fool cells'  Yahoo Finance UK

Paccar, one of the world's largest heavy-duty truck makers, is teaming with Toyota on clean hydrogen trucks to curb air pollution.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Market by Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches (2019-2024)  IFLCARS

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles market report provides an overview of the industry consisting of definitions, classifications, applications, and industry chain ...

Saab’s owner gets major cash boost for NEVS 9-3 production  AutoExpress

NEVS, the Swedish company's financial saviour has received a *fresh* injection of cash from Chinese property giant, Evergrande.

Electric minicabs flying at 200mph will pick you up from a car park by 2023  Daily Mail

Uber has said that it could be running a flying taxi *service* in four years. Passengers using the smartphone app will be collected from pick-up points on the top of ...

C5 is a breath of fresh air  Express

IT MIGHT be famous for its people carriers but Citroen has been hard at work reshaping its line-up to better reflect the growing popularity of SUVs.

Is the UK auto industry only struggling because of Brexit?  Spectator.co.uk

The popular new narrative for the UK auto industry is that its troubles are only temporarily to do with Brexit and much more to do with misguided policies…

Hyundai Kona Electric test drive  The Car Expert

As an affordable electric car, the Kona Electric is highly commendable. Fantastic performance and and easy-to-drive nature make it a compelling option.

Diesel FARCE U-TURN? MPs tax diesel for environment and CO2 emissions go UP - new study  Express.co.uk

THE rapid decline in diesel car sales and fledgling public opinion is causing one huge environmental problem.

National EV infrastructure strategy 'not needed'  Utility Week

The government has rejected a call by MPs to draw up a national strategy for rolling out charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs). In its report on EVs, ...

Marine Electric Vehicles Market with with Top Countries data, Global Key Companies Profile, Types and Application, Cost Structure and Growth Factors and Forecast to 2024  IFLCARS

Marine Electric Vehicles Market report provides Emerging Market trends, Manufacturer Share, Market Segmentation, regional outlook and comprehensive ...

New 2019 Ford Mondeo revealed with tweaked looks and extra tech  Autocar

Ford has released details of a facelifted version of the Mondeo hatchback, saloon and estate range, with the hope of reviving its appeal in the ever-declining ...

How the UK's energy grid will cope with the electric car revolution  Wired.co.uk

Preparing for an onslaught of electric cars won't just test the UK's energy infrastructure, it'll also challenge the bad habits of the nation's drivers.

Electric vehicle sales surge in UK as fuel prices rise  BBC News

Sales of electric vehicles reached a record high last month, accounting for one in every 12 new cars purchased in the UK. The Society of Motor Manufacturers ...

RAY MASSEY: Toyota flexes its muscle with a souped-up new Supra to take on Porsche  Daily Mail

Toyota's new fifth-generation two-seater muscle car coupe stole the headlines when the wraps finally came off — marking a return of the Supra name after 17 ...

Britain has shifted 30 per cent of its electricity away from fossil fuels in just nine years  www.businessgreen.com

Nine years ago, Britain generated nearly 75 per cent of its electricity using natural gas and coal. In 2018, this dropped to under 45 per cent - a remarkable ...

Top 10 Best Electric Cars in Britain 2019  Autocar

We run down the very best electric city cars, superminis, hatchbacks, saloons, crossovers and SUVs on sale in Britain today.

Electric cars SHOCK as they are ‘impossible to own’ for millions of UK drivers, here's why  Express

NEW research has revealed how the possibility of owning an electric car is an impossibility for millions of motorists across the country - and that was before the ...

UK electric car drivers face paying more to charge at peak times  The Guardian

British electric car drivers face having to pay more to power their car if they refuse to shift their charging to off-peak times, in a move designed to lessen their ...

F-150 is going electric: Ford announces plan for all-electric pickup  Daily Mail

At the Deutsche Bank Global Auto Industry Conference, company execs revealed a plan for an all-electric version of the F-150 – which was initially pegged to be ...

New Renault, Peugeot and Opel models forecast to give declining small-car segment a boost  Automotive News Europe

New generations of the Renault Clio, Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa are expected to give the small-car segment, Europe's largest by volume, a boost this year but ...

Detroit Motor Show 2019: live  AutoExpress

The 2019 Detroit Motor Show, also known as the North American International Auto Show, is here and these are the cars on show...

Drivers could be charged up to £1,000 a year to park at work  Sky News

The AA says plans to charge drivers up to £1,000 a year to park at work could become a "poll tax on wheels". Under plans to cut congestion, reduce pollution ...

Swedish electric car maker to open UK production plant  The Engineer

Swedish electric car firm Uniti, has announced plans to establish a pilot production plant at Silverstone Park in the UK.

Government SLAMMED for axing electric car and plug-in hybrid grant in the UK  Express

MOTORING bosses have slammed the Government's decision to axe the plug-in hybrid and electric car grant in the UK.

Dyson to build UK site to test electric vehicles  Financial Times

Dyson is planning a new purpose-built development facility in southern England to test prototype electric vehicles as the household appliances maker inches ...

BMW 7 Series 2019: prices, specs, interior updates and UK release date  The Week UK

Revised luxury saloon boasts kidney grilles 40% larger than the old model.

Should you buy an electric car?  Financial Times

Concerns about range and a lack of charging points have held back sales.

Electric vehicles are the future - but is the UK ready for them?  Raconteur

Electric vehicles currently make up just 4.3 per cent of new vehicle registrations nationally. But the UK is seen as a European centre for electric vehicles because ...

VW backs UK electric car charging through Tesco partnership  Sky News

There is more private sector support for an electric car future as VW and Tesco join forces to provide free charging points.

'Dirty' used cars from UK 'could be banned'  Independent.ie

The Government is to look at the possibility of banning up to 70000 used car imports as part of a major overhaul of motor taxation policy.

What are electric cars, how do they work and when does the petrol ban come in?  The Independent

Driving an electric car rather than a fossil fuel-powered version may result in the vehicle producing half the amount of greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime, ...

New test reveals how far electric cars can REALLY travel on a full charge  This is Money

The Tesla Model S 75D - the car with the fourth longest range between charges - has a real range of 204 miles, which is 100 miles shorter than Tesla advertises ...

The electric car with the best real-world range REVEALED - the result may surprise you  Express

A NEW investigation into real-world electric car range found out which of the EVs on sale in the UK have the best range, and the result may surprise you.

Electric car prices could skyrocket in the UK as government grant faces cuts in the Budget  Express

THE price of electric cars could increase in the UK as the Government could slash the environmental grants which are contributed to the total cost of a green car.

Scrapping UK grants for hybrid cars 'astounding', says industry  The Guardian

Incentives for consumers to buy hybrid and electric cars rather than diesel or petrol alternatives have been slashed by the government, adding thousands of ...

UK drives into e-vehicle fast lane with 11% sales rise  The Guardian

Electric vehicles' share of new UK registrations rises to 2%, still falling far short of Norway's 48%

Electric cars - The reason that you should buy one now REVEALED  Express

ELECTRIC cars could be even more of a sensible proposition to switch to than before as the significant emissions reduction they can have has been revealed.

Survey: Half of young people want electric cars  BBC News

Half of young people in the UK would like to own an electric car – compared with just a quarter of their parents, a survey suggests. The research comes from ...

London Uber drivers to charge electric car fee  BBC News

Uber is planning to add a surcharge to all fares booked via its app in London to help its drivers buy electric vehicles. The fee, expected to be 15p per mile, will be ...

Car hunters driven abroad as Ireland sees record number of used vehicle imports during 2018  thejournal.ie

Statistics from the Society of the Irish Motor Industry show that 100755 used cars were imported last year.

Government 'not giving enough advice' on electric cars  BBC News

The government is not giving consumers enough advice on whether they should be buying electric vehicles, according to a leading car industry body. Stephen ...

Electric cars real world range REVEALED and how much is costs to charge them  Express

THE real world range for some of the most popular electric cars in the UK have been revealed in a new study. Here's how far each car can go and how much it ...

UK government EV plans vague and unambitious claim MPs  The Engineer

A new report by the cross-party Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee claims that UK plans to phase out sales of new petrol and diesel cars by ...

Electric cars: Charge points could be requirement in new build homes  BBC News

New homes in suburban England would need to be fitted with electric car charging points under a government proposal to cut emissions. Ministers also want ...

Climate plans could make Germany's 'no limits' Autobahns history  Yahoo News UK

The days of unlimited speeding on Germany's famously fast Autobahns could be over if the government adopts a series of draft proposals on climate protection ...

Government funded electric car chargepoints to be smart by July 2019  GOV.UK

All government funded home chargepoints for electric vehicles must use innovative 'smart' technology from July 2019, the government announced today (14 ...

What happens to used lithium-ion battery packs from electric cars?  The Telegraph

Electric cars are a critical subject, and are likely to remain so as buyers respond to knee-jerk legislation by turning to electric vehicles (EVs) – be it plug-in hybrid ...

Electric car prices to soar as axe falls on green subsidies  The Guardian

Thousands of pounds will be added to the price of some electric and hybrid vehicles as one of the government's main green initiatives falls victim to cuts, the ...

All new cars sold in UK should be pure-electric by 2032, say MPs  Sunday Times Driving

All new cars and vans should be genuinely zero emission by 2032, according to a new report from a group of cross-party MPs. The Business, Energy and ...

Shell starts rollout of ultrafast electric car chargers in Europe  The Guardian

Shell has stepped up its move into electric vehicle infrastructure with the installation of its first ultrafast charging points in western Europe – but they are so ...

Electric cars exceed 1m in Europe as sales soar by more than 40%  The Guardian

Milestone reached nearly a year after China but ahead of the US.

Electric car buyers claim they were misled by Nissan  BBC News

Owners of Nissan's new electric Leaf say they were given misleading information about the car before buying it. They say charging the Leaf can take three times ...

Recent policies from the UK Government show commitment to EVs  Intelligent Transport

Paul Minto, Lawyer at Addleshaw Goddard, discusses how UK authorities have recently taken encouraging steps towards the promotion of electric vehicles.

Best electric cars on sale in the UK - Highest range to top budget models  Express

HERE are the best electric cars on the road today from the cheapest to the ones with the longest range and highest performance, as picked by AutoTrader.