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Electric cars and the end of gas boilers will help the UK reach zero emissions target  The Telegraph

The widespread use of electric cars in the UK and the end of gas boilers in homes will cause the country to reach its target of zero emissions of greenhouse ...

Wireless electric car charging gets cash boost  BBC News

The government is pumping nearly £40m into improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles despite a sharp drop in hybrid car sales. The Department for ...

Electric vehicles will be exempt from company car tax next year  This is Money

The Treasury has confirmed this week that company car drivers who choose an emissions-free electric fleet model will pay no benefit-in-kind (BIK) tax for the ...

Electric cars with the highest real world range REVEALED and number one may surprise you  Express

ELECTRIC cars with the best and highest real-world range have been revealed in the latest tests. Here is a list of the highest range electric cars on the roads in ...

BMW i3 electric car may not be replaced  AutoExpress

BMW's i3 bespoke electric hatchback is unlikely to be replaced as the firm focuses on developing 'mainstream' EVs.

Is an electric car viable for long journeys? A newcomer to battery-powered driving finds out  Telegraph.co.uk

I felt a distinct sense of dread upon disembarking the plane at Stornoway airport.

Electric vehicles made up almost half of all cars sold in Norway in 2019  The Independent

Almost half of new cars sold in Norway in the first six months of 2019 were fully electric, up from just over a quarter in the same period last year. In total, 48.4 per ...

Volkswagen and Ford team up on self-driving and electric cars  BBC News

Volkswagen and Ford have said they will work together on developing self-driving and electric cars in an attempt to reduce costs on new technologies. VW plans ...

Electric cars exempt from company car tax next year  AutoExpress

UK's million or so company car users will escape Benefit-in-Kind tax if they have an electric car in the 2020/21 financial year.

Huge new electric car driving law coming next month - Here’s what is changing  Express

A HUGE new electric car law is coming in July which will help increase the safety of the vehicles at low speeds over some concerns.

Subsidy cuts blamed for fall in UK sales of electrified vehicles  The Guardian

The British car industry has accused the government of undermining the sector after sales of electrified vehicles fell for the first time in more than two years.

Does UK need to improve charging network to grow electric car sales?  What Car?

British car buyers are being held back from choosing electric cars because of shortcomings in charging infrastructure. That's according to Rawdon Glover, the ...

Forget electric cars as a solution ... they will only lead us to another disaster  The National

CONVENTIONAL wisdom has it that electric cars are going to beat climate change. The SNP Government, for instance, is pledged to phase out new petrol…

Electric Mini production in Cowley to boost UK car industry  BBC News

BMW has given a boost to the UK car industry by confirming that the production of its new electric Mini will start in Cowley in November. Deliveries of the brand's ...

New Kia e Niro wins affordable electric car of the year in the UK  Express

THE new Kia e-Niro has landed the award for 'Affordable Electric Car of the Year' at the Auto Express New Car Awards 2019.

Jaguar Land Rover announces electric car investment  BBC News

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is investing hundreds of millions of pounds to build a range of electric vehicles at its Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham. Initially the ...

New Mini Electric car UNVEILED - Affordable EV price, specs, range and release date  Express

THE all-new Mini Cooper Electric car has been unveiled in the UK. Here is the price, specs, release date and range.

Solar power electric car charging stations coming to UK charges batteries in 10 minutes  Express

A NEW set of solar-powered electric car charging stations are coming to the UK which will be able to recharge the vehicle in just 10 minutes.

Electric cars 'will not solve transport problem,' report warns  BBC News

Car use will still need to be curbed even when all vehicles are powered by clean electricity, a report has said. It warns that electrifying cars will not address traffic ...

Electric car ownership 'right choice' for 1.5m UK households  InsideEVs

Around 1.5 million households could easily switch to an electric car without it impacting their daily lives, according to new research.

Saab 9-3 returns as electric car as new NEVS car enters production  Express

SAAB's 9-3 car will be returning as NEVS puts its new electric car into production.

Government wants electric car chargers to take card payments  This is Money

All newly-installed rapid chargepoints should allow for one-off card payments by spring 2020, rather than motorists having to pay multiple subscriptions, said the ...

UK Gov’t Wants New Homes To Have Electric Car Chargers  pymnts.com

The U.K. government wants to equip all new homes in the country with electric car charging points as the country works toward net zero emissions by 2050.

Should I buy an electric car? All you need to know about prices, technology and range  The Guardian

As big global carmakers get on with electrifying their model ranges, we ask experts about how things could shape up in Australia.

New noise systems to stop 'silent' electric cars and improve safety  GOV.UK

From 1 July 2019 all manufacturers must install an acoustic sound system in new types of quiet electric and hybrid electric vehicles to improve road safety.

Electric cars: why solid state batteries will eliminate range anxiety  The Week UK

Cutting-edge battery tech provides twice as much power per charge as lithium-ion versions in current EVs.

Car insurance SHOCK: How much electric cars cost compared to petrol and diesel equivalents  Express

Electric car ownership is set to soar across the UK as there is a push away from petrol and diesel vehicles. While electric cars represent a very narrow market ...

Jaguar Land Rover to announce UK electric car investment  Financial Times

Jaguar Land Rover will commit to investing hundreds of millions of pounds to prepare its Castle Bromwich plant to build electric cars, ahead of a wave of new ...

Battery EV sales soar as plug-in hybrids suffer in sluggish car market  www.businessgreen.com

Battery electric vehicle (EV) sales were one of the few bright spots in a sluggish UK car market last month, which saw overall sales of low emission vehicles ...

New ultra-fast electric car charging network to launch in the UK - full charge in 20 mins  Express

A NEW set of rapid charging stations are being introduced into the UK which could drastically reduce charging times for electric cars.

Hydrogen cars will overtake electric cars, expert claims  AutoExpress

Electric power “has its limits” and future passenger cars will use hydrogen, says Continental executive.

Why aren’t more people in Britain buying electric cars?  The Week UK

Poor charging infrastructure and cuts to grants are threatening EV sales.

UK car industry future hinges 'not on Brexit, but on batteries'  The Guardian

The feeling of relief in the British car industry was almost palpable on Friday, when Jaguar Land Rover said it would invest billions in producing new electric ...

BMW accelerates rollout of electric cars to catch up with rivals  Financial Times

BMW has accelerated its rollout of electric cars, in a bid to convince investors it is capable of catching rivals in the race to sell battery vehicles. The company will ...

UK electric car registrations UP 95 percent between 2016 and 2018  Motoring Research

New research has revealed that registrations of electric and hybrid cars have risen 95 percent, between 2016 and 2018.

New Kia Soul EV First Edition UK order books open - 280-mile SUV costs from £34,000  Express

ORDER books for the all-new Kia Soul EV First Edition have opened in the UK. Here is the need to know specs, pricing and range.

Engenie to rollout 2,000 rapid EV charge points across UK with £35m investment  www.businessgreen.com

Electric car charging network aims to install more than 2000 rapid charging points across UK over the next five years.

Why electric car revolution might run out of road - John Redwood  Yorkshire Post

The whole EU has embarked on a huge top down reform of the motor industry, seeking to transform it from a range of vehicles based on modern low-emission ...

New Nissan Leaf e+ 2019 REVEALED - Electric car gets HUGE range upgrade and more power  Express

Nissan has revealed the all-new Leaf e+ which offers more range and power than the standard car. The Leaf is one of the most popular electric vehicles in the ...

Government wants ALL Electric Car Charging points to offer Pay as You Go  Cars UK

The UK Government today call for all UK electric car charging points to offer pay as you go payment facilities by credit or debit card.

Honda E UK specs REVEALED: More details confirmed about awesome electric city car  Express

HONDA has confirmed some more details about the E electric car which will go on sale later this year, which further add to its burgeoning appeal.

Electric cars are £116 more expensive to insure than similar petrol and diesels  This is Money

There's almost a £200 difference in premium costs for a VW Golf and e-Golf. With 2m motorists expected to own electric cars by 2025, insurers will be raking in ...

New Ohme device could halve cost of charging an electric car at home  AutoExpress

Ohme launches new app-controlled home charging device that automatically uses the cheapest electricity available.

Switch to hybrids instead of electric cars, emissions firm says  Motor1 UK

Hybrids, rather than electric cars, are the most effective way to reduce vehicle emissions for the time being, an independent emissions company says.

Pollution warning over car tyre and brake dust  BBC News

Dust from car brakes and tyres will still pollute city air even when the vehicle fleet has gone all-electric, a report has warned. Fragments of microplastics from ...

Meet the Nobe 100: the fully recyclable electric car which can be parked vertically on the side of your house  Evening Standard

You can now order a fully recyclable electric vehicle that can also be parked on the side of your house. Each element in the Nobe 100 is designed to be updated ...

How will Britain's drivers go electric?  The Independent

The government needs to “supercharge” its electric vehicle strategy if it is to have any chance of meeting its new net zero emissions by 2050 pledge. The British ...

Solihull girl's thank you cards to electric car drivers  BBC News

Charlotte Smith travels the country putting out thank you cards and has received her own - from the Queen.

Switching to an electric car could save you £41,000 in your lifetime  Express

The future of the car industry is with electric cars. Carmakers and governments are pushing towards these zero emissions vehicles as new emissions and ...

Most picturesque spots to charge your electric vehicle in the UK  Mirror Online

Among the stunning locations is a charging point buried in the Scottish Highlands, which is accompanied by its own skeletal ski instructor mascot and offering ...

All electric car home charge points must have 'smart' features to limit costs  This is Money

Wall chargers installed in homes will require smart features that encourage cheaper, off-peak charging and minimise the impact of electric vehicles on the ...

More than 1.5 million UK households could switch to an electric car today without compromise  ResponseSource

•25,000 households' car use researched by What Car? •Sweet-spots of short journeys and off-street parking identified •66% of households with an EV and ...

Tesla’s success is a litmus test for the UK electric vehicle industry  PES MEDIA

In the second quarter of 2019, Tesla achieved record production of 87048 vehicles and record deliveries of approximately 95200 vehicles.

Tesla's first Model 3s hit the road in the UK: 'Mass market' electric car on sale for £38,900  This is Money

The Model 3 is the first car made by Tesla to be aimed at the mass market and sells here from £38900. The car has only just become available in Europe but has ...

Electric cars could save drivers £41,000 in their lifetime, study says – here’s all you need to know  inews.co.uk

EDF claims that drivers each spend £56000 on petrol during their lifetime, but that the average cost of charging an electric car is £15000.

Dundee to trial pop-up electric car chargers  BBC News

The chargers, designed to help drivers without off-street parking, will be built into the pavement.

New electric Ford Mustang with Tesla-inspired interior set for UK debut  Express

AN ALL-new electric Ford Mustang with an interior inspired by Tesla is set for a UK debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 next month.

Islington streets get new tranche of charge points in bid to clean up air and help residents go electric  Evening Standard

A new tranche of electric chargers have been installed in lamp-posts in Islington after requests from residents. Following a successful trial last year, 60 charging ...

Electric car charging network gets £37million boost - Wireless and on-street parking  Express

THERE has been a new investment into electric car charging in the UK of £37million to improve on-street parking and wireless technology.

Electric car news - 50,000 more chargers announced for London by 2025  Express

THE Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has outlined plans to introduce a major expansion to the electric car charging network, increasing the infrastructure by 50 ...

Nio: seven reasons why it's China's answer to Tesla  CAR Magazine

CAR magazine UK goes deep inside Nio, the Chinese start-up that's specialising in electric cars and is gunning for Tesla.

Switching to an electric car comes with a higher insurance premium  The Times

Motorists are being forced to pay up to a third more to insure electric cars than petrol or diesel equivalents, prompting new concerns over the cost of switching to ...

Tesla Model 3 to be among the UK’s best company cars amid EV-friendly policy update  Teslarati

In what could only be described as a “milestone moment,” the UK Treasury has confirmed that employees who drive zero-emission company cars will pay no ...

Tesla Model 3 deliveries begin in the UK - New electric car arrives in Britain  Express

THE new Tesla Model 3 has officially arrived in the UK as deliveries are set to begin imminently.

English Government Pushes for Broader Adoption of Electric Cars  The Merkle Hash

It is rather apparent there will be a strong push to get more electric cars on the roads globally over the coming decades. That is much easier said than done, ...

New electric vehicle charging points coming to Winslow and Princes Risborough  Bucks Herald

Electric vehicle charging points are coming to Winslow and Princes Risborough thanks to Government funding.

Electric cars 'right choice for 1.5 million UK households', report shows  Tech Digest

Electric cars are the right choice for at least 1.5 million UK households today, according to a new study by Britain's What Car? magazine.

VW ID.3 is fastest charging electric hatchback and comes with HUGE range  Express

THE all-new Volkswagen ID.3 compact electric car which will come with high range, fast charging and an eight-year warranty.

Electric and petrol cars: Views of Milton Keynes drivers  BBC News

Electric cars are expensive, the batteries run out and then they have to be charged up, but why are they so popular in Milton Keynes?

Government announces EV chargepoints must be smart to secure grant funding  www.businessgreen.com

Regulations covering a government grant scheme for electric vehicle (EV) chargers will require all devices funded through the initiative to use smart technology ...

New Peugeot e-2008 SUV REVEALED - New electric crossover has almost 200-miles of range  Express

THE all-new Peugeot e-2008 SUV has been quietly unveiled boasting nearly 200-miles of range on a single charge and SUV proportions.

Mini Cooper SE 2020 electric car TEASED ahead of launch next month  Express

MINI has teased the all-new Cooper SE electric car ahead of its official launch next month.

Tesla Model 3 is fastest charging electric car - Half range in under 12 minutes  Express

THE new Tesla Model 3 is now capable of using fast charging supercharger V2 and V3 which allows charging capacities of up to 200kW which can dramatically ...

London will need more than 50,000 public electric car chargers by 2025  This is Money

London currently has 2100 public plug-in points at 1200 locations spread over the city. It means the city's infrastructure will need to expand by more than 2300 ...

New charging points powering up electric car revolution in Pembrokeshire  Western Telegraph

'FAST' electric vehicle charging is now operating in eight different locations around the county.

Solar-powered electric car charging stations which could charge a car in 10 minutes coming to the UK | TaxiPoint Taxi News | UK | Black cabs  TaxiPoint Taxi News

In the quest to improve the country's electric vehicle charging infrastructure, a new set of solar powered charging stations capable of charging a car in 10 mi.

New Renault Zoe EV launch - Next generation electric car to debut today  Express

THE all-new Renault Zoe, which has more range, bigger battery and power, is set to make its debut today.

New Renault Zoe REVEALED with more range, bigger battery and more power  Express

THE all-new Renault Zoe pure electric supermini has launched in the Uk with a larger 52kW battery pack and 242-miles of WLTP range on a single charge and ...

How the UK is staying ahead of the electric-car curve  DrivingElectric

DrivingElectric visits the University of Warwick to learn more about two organisations working to keep the UK at the cutting edge of the electric-car revolution.

Renault UK: £250- 1000 off electric cars for July  www.electrive.com

Renault UK has unveiled its 'Electrify July' sales event, which sees its entire range of electric vehicles available with an additional manufacturer contribution of ...

Lightyear One solar-powered electric car with 450-miles of range REVEALED  Express

LIGHTYEAR has unveiled the world's first long-range solar electric car today boating a whopping 450-miles of range and sleek new design.

Electric Vehicles could save four EU countries €4bn a year, study finds  www.businessgreen.com

How important are emerging smart charging technologies to the electric vehicle (EV) revolution and the wider net zero transition? That is the question asked by ...

Hawick electric car club gearing up for launch next month  The Southern Reporter

An electric car-sharing club being set up in Hawick is on the lookout for a bright spark as it gears up for its launch later this summer.

Government ministers commit to driving only electric cars by 2030  Sunday Times Driving

THE UK Government has pledged to lead by example when it comes to reducing exhaust emissions, by committing to exclusively driving electric cars by the end ...

Elon Musk Tesla Autopilot used by drug dealers, Pablo Escobar's brother says  Metro.co.uk

Crooks are allegedly packing electric vehicles with illegal narcotics and sending them off on the road without a human at the wheel.

PM charges ahead with plan to electrify embattled car-makers  Sky News

Talks with BP, Jaguar Land Rover and Tesla will include plans to provide export funding guarantees, Sky News learns.

JLR to invest heavily into electric cars  The Parliamentary Review

Jaguar Land Rover has announced plans to invest around £1 billion into assembling a range of electric vehicles at its Castle Bromwich site in the West ...

'The government isn't doing enough to encourage electric car sales'  AutoExpress

The government needs to do more to encourage people to both build and buy electric cars, says Steve Fowler.

UK lags behind Europe on electric vehicle home charging speeds  FleetPoint

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 - 09:24. No Comments. 1,812 Views. Charging, Charging Points, Electric Vehicles, Environment News, General News, News, Newsletter, ...

Government will switch to electric cars by 2030  Motor1 UK

The Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, has announced plans to make sure all government vehicles are electric by 2030.

Engenie to double UK's number of rapid electric vehicle charging points  FleetPoint

L to R: Rahul Kumar, Senior Investment Manager, Cube Infrastructure Managers, Stéphane Calas, Managing Director, Cube Infrastructure Managers & Ian ...

Lightyear One solar-charging EV makes UK debut  Autocar

Solar-electric hybrid, set for production in 2021, promises 450 mile range with dual-capability charging.

Subsidy cuts blamed for fall in UK sales of hybrid vehicles  Descrier

The government has been accused of undermining the British automotive industry after sales of hybrid electric vehicles collapsed in June.

Top Gear fans hail electric car episode 'funniest TV' in years  Metro.co.uk

Top Gear fans have hailed tonight's electric car episode some of the 'funniest TV' they've seen in years. The hour-long installment saw Paddy McGuinness, ...

UK 'lags behind' mainland Europe on EV infrastructure  edie.net

The UK "lags behind" other European countries on electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, research from consultancy firm Delta-EE has concluded.

Tesla drops cheapest Model X, S variants, cuts prices to simplify lineup  Reuters UK

U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc has lowered the price of its mass-marked Model 3 and raised the prices of its premium Model X and S cars.

Electric vehicles save UK motorists more than £41,000 in a lifetime, research claims  Yahoo News

Making the switch to an electric vehicle could save British motorists over £41000 in their lifetimes, new research is claiming.Data from energy supplier EDF ...

Bridgestone’s new tyres improve electric car range, reduce petrol and diesel emissions  Sunday Times Driving

Bridgestone has launched a new tyre that it claims allows electric cars to go further per charge, and improves the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of ...